1. Rose Tyler  

    Oh hell yes :D G(tb)^2 <3

  2. Anonymous  

    This is fucking hilarious.

  3. Gavin McFrown  

    The idea of "Orgo Night" is unspeakably offensive to the poor children of Gaza who can neither orgo nor enjoy a clear night. CUMB must be punished for their continued brash existence.

  4. wow cumb

    that is incredibly offensive that you would make fun of the v-show. do you know how hard they work? way harder than you slackers. and to boot, all the work they do is to bring the community TOGETHER not break it APART, like you.

  5. Would you just look  

    At that shield

  6. The S&M Man  

    I spy a typo.

  7. Bill McGill

    The band is great! Period.

  8. Fireman's daughter


  9. That one fat annoying kid  

    Aw, you think I'm a star!

  10. What  

    The fuck does G(tb)^2 mean? I ain't into that exclusionary terminology shit.

  11. Social Chair of Gamma Theta Beta  

    He's not fat! He just wears big shirts!

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