Bwoglines: Go For It Edition

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This ski jumper has no fear. Become this ski jumper.

NBA player Jason Collins became the first openly gay male athlete in a major US sport yesterday. (Sports Illustrated)

Some terrier owners in NYC are reviving the sport of hunting by having their dogs chase down rats in alleys. Tally-ho! (WSJ)

Worried about your messed-up, only-two-hour-naps-as-needed sleep schedule? Don’t be. It’s perfectly natural, according to science. (BBC)

An online dating site has offered the town of New Canaan, Connecticut, nearly $10 million to change its name to There’s basically no downside here. (NC Advertiser)

Getting a tattoo on yourself takes a bit of commitment. Getting a tattoo on your dog, however, will only last for the dog’s lifetime! (DNAinfo)

Sochi 2014 contestant via Wikimedia

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  1. CT Resident  

    I promise you, New Canaan doesn't need $10M.

  2. Also CT resident  

    There are about 1,000 people in NC that would personally donate $10,000 to the town to stop this from happening too.

  3. Hey

    "Rats are friends, not food."

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