Merit Janow is Appointed New SIPA Dean

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Great name, great hair

Great name, great hair

According to the Morningside Post, sources in the administration have confirmed that Merit Janow, a professor in the practice of international economic law and international affairs since the fall of 1994, will soon become SIPA’s new dean. She will replace interim dean Robert Lieberman, who will be leaving Columbia University on June 30 to assume the position of Provost at The Johns Hopkins University.



Photo via Columbia University

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  1. She looks like  

    the PTSD dog gif.

  2. Anonymous

    So many hot babes as new deans!

  3. Anonymous  

    holy shit does she look pissed. International development project didn't go well, I take it?

  4. Yo

    Is this the second administrator we are loosing to Hopkins? Wtf???

  5. Meryl Streep  


  6. I thought  

    maggie thatcher was dead

  7. anonymouse.  

    dat hair.

  8. anonymous  

    Merit is awesome! Congratulations!

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