Phi Beta Kappa Inductees for 2013 Announced!

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This guy doesn't need wisdom to guide him, he has a miniature horse!

This guy doesn’t need wisdom to guide him, he has a miniature horse!

The final 8% of the Columbia graduating class who are to be inducted into Phi Beta Kappa, the national honor society, have been announced. Here are the first 2%. Congratulations to all the inductees. Never stop pursuing “friendship, morality, and literature”, never forget your new motto: “love of wisdom, the guide of life.”

The Class of 2013 Phi Beta Kappa members are:

  • Mary Allen
  • Janine Balekdjian
  • Timothy Barker
  • David Baruch
  • Celia Bell
  • Catherine Bentivoglio
  • Ravi Bhalla
  • Julie Bodenmann
  • Andy Bowers
  • Claudia Brodsky
  • Steven Castellano
  • Alice Chang
  • Dorothy Chen
  • Monica Chen
  • Po Linn Chia
  • Gyu Won Choi
  • Declan Conroy
  • Michelle Conway
  • Lauren DeMaria
  • Schuyler Dickey
  • Sanford Diehl
  • Mary Escherich
  • Dafna Feith
  • Harrison Flager
  • Adam Formica
  • Ze’ev Gebler
  • John Greene
  • Leah Greenstein
  • Ridhima Guniganti
  • Nico Gurian
  • Amanda Gutterman
  • Cecilia Hackerson
  • Asher Hecht-Bernstein
  • Allison Heimann
  • Andrew Heinrich
  • Sherilyn Hellberg
  • Alexzander Hudson
  • Elizabeth Jacob
  • Mary Kircher
  • Yoshiaki Ko
  • Tucker Kuman
  • James Laird
  • Diana Lee
  • Sarah Lee
  • Michael Li
  • Siran Li
  • Ethan Lowenthal
  • Albert Lui
  • Devan Luster
  • Allison Malecha
  • Dan Margulies
  • Ian Marsanyi
  • Grace McCarty
  • Christopher McGinn
  • Alexander Mendez
  • Emma Meyers
  • Laura Milmed
  • Jonathan Moed
  • Julia Monk
  • Kelsey Musselman
  • Daniel Natkie
  • Susan Ou
  • Silvia Park
  • Sung Chul Park
  • Dean Perfetti
  • Steven Pfau
  • Elizabeth Power
  • Tzipora Quint
  • Soo Hyun Rhee
  • Giancarlo Roma
  • Sara Rosenberg
  • Christopher Ruenes
  • Mila Rusafova
  • Grace Rybak
  • Ehsan Sadeghi
  • Stephanie Sarbanes
  • Matthew Schelke
  • Charles Shafaieh
  • Ian Shirley
  • Sharon Shum
  • Gabriela Siegel
  • Alexander Simmonds
  • Rui Su
  • Joshua Tobin
  • Noelle Van Rysselberghe
  • Nicholas Warther
  • Lewis West
  • Lindsay White
  • Patrick Woolsey
  • Sharon Wu
  • Shuang Xu
  • Karina Yu
  • Samuel Zakay
  • Helen Zhang
  • Lorna Zhang

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  1. yay  

    Congrats, guys! What do I have to do to get my name on this list next year?

  2. bc'13  

    congratulations Stephanie!!

  3. Only CC  

    Can I assume that this is only for CC? GS students are also inducted into PBK.

  4. Anonymous  

    [Insert comment noting the unbalanced presence of only 2-3 Hispanic last names on the list]

  5. SNF  


  6. Wooo!  

    Congrats Steven! both of them!

  7. Bill O'Reilly  

    So now Columbia rewards the Abortionists! Janine Balekdjian has been an outspoken LIBERAL supporter of pro-abortion and anti-family policies. She was even president of the most disgustingly anti-American group on campus - CU Dems. What is happening to this university. Once upon a time we honored people who stood up for FREEDOM, FAITH, and FAMILY!

  8. Anonymous  

    you mad Bill?

  9. cool!

    I've screwed two pbk inductees. too bad the intelligence didn't transfer over via osmosis...or something

  10. cc'13  

    there's a kid in our year named central park?

  11. Siran Li  

    Central Park=SC Park is the man!

  12. CU '13

    Timothy Barker. I had a section with him and he said two of the three most intelligent things I've heard a student say in my 4 years here.

    He's one of those brilliant, yet humble types.

  13. My reactions to not being on this list.  

    o.0... >:(... -_-... >_< ...:(...:-(... :'(... :'-(

  14. Anonymous  

    I thought you had to go to school here to get the award.

  15. BC '15  


  16. Anonymous  

    Guess I should have majored in anthropology or some other humanities major...

    • rude  

      there are a fair amount of chem, bio, and physics majors up in here.

    • 14  

      One of them is a biophysics major with several major commitment. And ksnt the salutorian for CC some kind of science major? I'm surprised that a Columbia student would make excuses for his/her own mediocrity.

      • You should major in a science then  

        Science departments give out more A pluses than non-science departments. That's why the val and sal are usually science majors. Even though non-science departments don't give out as many A+ grades they hand out far more As. It's also pretty difficult to get grade that would really damage your gpa in most humanities courses. No denying that

  17. MKA  


  18. Anonymous

    James and Mary are awesome, and apparently super-smart too! Congratulations to everyone on the list!

  19. CC 2013  

    I have so many smart friends!!! Congratulations to everyone who made it! And to everyone else in our year. Let's face it--we're awesome.

  20. congrats to everyone except

    ...the one person on this list who I know is of very questionable moral fiber. Please don't do your fellow inductees an injustice!

  21. Ethan  

    i love grace mccarty.

  22. Anonymous  

    Sandy Diehl! What a good dude

  23. 2013 inductee  

    I was so excited to find out I got PBK, but I was really disappointed when I saw you have to pay $55 to get inducted. That's a lot! Shouldn't a prize be something they give us?? I know the organization has to make $ but can't Columbia fund it? Someone at bwog should investigate.

  24. Yeah

    Student-athletes represent!!!

  25. h204  

    Liz Jacob and Sara Rosenberg are my idols

  26. Anonymous  

    Go Nick Warther!!!

  27. I know I know  

    and I'm not tryna grade grub, just genuinely curious about the grade distribution in CC. What does the top 10% of the class translate to in GPAs? I know more than half the class gets above a 3.2 every year (which is why they bumped the minimum for Dean's List) but other than that I have no idea what the distribution is like. Any inductees care to anonymously share?

    Also congrats to you all!

  28. Anonymous

    What are the cutoffs for latin honors

  29. CC '13  

    From what I've heard, Columbia students qualify for consideration for PBK if their GPAs are in the top 20% of the class. The PBK selection committee, however, only 10% of the class is chosen. The criteria for choosing this 10% is a variety of factors, to which I don't know specifics.

    For example, I know people who are PBK with above a 4.0. I also know a few who have a GPA in the low 3.9's. One of my friends last year had a 3.95 and didn't get it.

    I got PBK this year and I have a 3.91.

    But, all in all, I don't think your education and life in general should be based on the pursuit of such awards. Strive for knowledge and learning in and of itself and follow your passions, and if the honors come, they do.

  30. steven castellano is awesome  


  31. Just curious

    Why don't the inductees to tau beta pi (the engineering honor society) ever get shared?

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