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Professors make amazing closing remarks for the same reasons that people make amazing tombs

Grant’s Closing Remark

We know you know that classes end soon. But we wanted to make sure you hadn’t forgotten what that means: closing remarks.

Why did the Pharaohs build the pyramids? Why did Dido sing her lament? Why does anyone hold the Guinness World Record for longest fingernails? They all wanted to be remembered. And for that same reason, your professors are going to sum up their classes in the most inspirational/wacky/dumb/mind-blowing way possible. You can help them become immortalized on Bwog.

Make sure to send the epic conclusions of your classes to so that we can all enjoy them.

Historic site now immortalized on Bwog via Wikimedia

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    "what's a vampire weekend?" - Lee C. Bollinger

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    "Bye!" -- KevSho

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