Bwoglines: To Do Edition

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Spec after a long night

Spec after a long night

Hey seniors: don’t graduate without crossing this off your bucket lists–one of Spec’s favorite hobbies! (Spectator, The Blue and White)

If you see this frankenfish in Central Park, you should kill it before it eats your babies homework. (DEC, NY Mag)

Obama’s to-do list: close Guantánamo Bay. “Why are we doing this?” (NY Times)

Spectator’s advice of the week, from an office memo: “We need to remember that we’re students writing for fellow students, and the best way to alienate our audience is to act like we’re above it.” (Spectator)

But, on a more serious note, a Columbia dental student was reportedly raped—be careful. (Gothamist)

Spec forgot to put on lipstick via Shutterstock

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