PSA: Write Your Mom a Card

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Have you seen this card?

Mother’s Day emergency! Last night a tipster stumbled across a note outside Lerner that looked like it had fallen out of a package. The note, celebrating a student’s mother’s “29th birthday,” was apparently “the cutest birthday card ever. It is seriously heartbreaking.” Bwog agrees. If you recently wrote an adorable card to your mom or know someone who did, let us know at

If you can’t remember the last time you sent your mom an adorable card, take a hint from your classmate. After all, Mother’s Day is in two weeks. In lieu of your normal, just-remembered-it’s-Mother’s-Day text message (thnx 4 being gr8 mom luv u xoxox!!), take a break from pretending to study studying for a couple of minutes, write a card, and brighten someone’s day.


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  1. technicality  

    The mother was probably the student. Not to be presumptuous but I doubt there are very many students here whose mother gave birth as a preteen...

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