Bwog Asked: Coping With Finals

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We hear this is a pretty good website that’ll help you cope.

Finals are just around the corner, and Butler is already crowded with people getting ready. Those poor miserable souls seemed only to have work, but we knew there was more, we wanted to know what kept them going. We asked, “What’s your finals coping mechanism?” here are some of the answers we got.

  • Quiet librarian: *thinks forever* “I chew a lot of gum.”
  • Guy: “Stay up late and work hard.”
  • Girl: “Friends!”
  • Guy: “I don’t have one.”
  • Girl: “Drinking my weight in sunny D.”
  • Girl: “The Stanley Cup playoffs.”
  • Guy in 210: “Alcohol.”
  • Girl in 209: “Taking long walks in Riverside.”
  • Girl in 211: “I’m not sure, sleep?”
  •  Guy in 211: “I don’t know.”
  •  Guy in 210: *shrugs and laughs*
  • Girl in 209: “I don’t know. You just have to study.”
  •  Girl in 209: “Coping? I don’t know.”
  • Girl with an entire table in 210: “Meditation.”
  • Girl on the third floor: “Umm I dunno coffee?”
  • Guy on six: “Lots of sleep and definitely Netflix.”

We also saw a girl skipping down the hallway, which totally counts.



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  1. Anonymous  

    To the girl who responded with Stanley Cup Playoffs...marry me?

  2. Blunts in Butler  

    Shit. It's finals?

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