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Warning: becoming Shrek won't help global warming.

Warning: becoming Shrek won’t help global warming.

Columbia Housing has just announced the winner of their residential Energy Challenge, in which the residence hall that saved the most energy over the course of 26 days.

The winner was Hartley: they reduced their energy consumption by 10.3%. Hartley residents will get a celebration catered by Dining Services, date and location TBA.

River came in second with a 7.2% reduction, followed by Broadway with 6.1%. Overall the campus saved 4,352 kWh of energy, equivalent to 3,946 pounds of carbon dioxide pollution. This is about the amount absorbed by a 40-acre oak forest in 1/10 of a year, or produced by a car after 200 gallons of gas.

Congratulations to Hartley for the win and to our campus for being green!

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