Overheard: LIES

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Now Low Library is already a bundle of mendacity since it’s not neither a library nor Low, being Prezbo’s little office and one of the tallest buildings on South campus.

But now the sensationalist media is tricking our children into misbelief! We overheard a teacher telling his kids:

“This is a huge deal! This is a real college library!”

It isn’t even that. You and whoever carved the façade of Low, sirs, should be ashamed of yourselves.



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  1. Sorry but,

    who gives a shit?

  2. Anonymous  

    Low was a university library when the Morningside Campus opened but due to size constraints the official "library" functions moved to Butler and Low became mainly administrative.

  3. Anonymous

    Call it whatever you want, it is still the most recognized academic building in the world.

  4. Anonymous

    Why were some of the above comments removed?

  5. Blunts in Butler  

    Toke up!

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