Bwog in Bed: Kicking it Off

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These adorabs sheep are you right now

These adorabs sheep are you right now

Bwog is done with classes and super done with bwoglines. Instead, we’re going to stay in bed and just take a peek at what’s going on in the real world. Help Bwog keep up by sending your crazy overheards/gossip/love letters to!

Bwogline: Meanwhile, at Wesleyan, administrators are going crazy trying to foil this year’s Tour de Franzia. (Jezebel)

Finals tip: Shred your notes. Brew them as a loose leaf tea into a knowledge potion. Consume as needed for instant enlightenment.

Procrastinate: Make everyone around you in the library jealous. Guide these sheep home.


Surprisingly deep child to his brother: No, I felt it! I felt it and I am I and you are not me.

Watched-over flock via Wikimedia

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  1. Lance Armstrong

    Wait, Tour de Franzia?!? Probably the most brilliant thing I've ever heard. Sad we Columbians didn't come up with it. Also Wesleyan admins, come on, don't you know that prohibition only makes the will to drink stronger? And that's just for the general population. I can only imagine that for 19 year olds with nothing else to do but, you know, walk around Middletown, the impulse to rebel must be much more intense.

    Scavenge yo shit, Wesleyanites! I salute you.

  2. Anonymous

    Just spent 45 minutes guiding all the sheep home. Thanks, BWOG! Now...back to "studying"

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