Overly Attached Girlfriend, Meet Overly Attached Computer

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We all have that one friend, that girl who keeps texting her boyfriend, tweeting her boyfriend, screen shotting posts by her boyfriend, and generally just scaring the crap out of her boyfriend.

Now, there’s Overly Attached Computer.

Remember that time you needed to bring a resume to that interview for that internship with that company that never called you back? You probably printed it from a Columbia printer, and used a Columbia computer. Guess what? The computer saved a copy.

Remember that time your mother emailed you a copy of your passport for that fun trip/mandatory detox in Paris?

The computer saved that too.

In fact, computers at Columbia University, (with those at Carman Hall reviewed specifically), are gold mines of information that should probably be private. Bwog has found addresses, birthdays, telephone numbers, and of course pictures, in these public documents.

So the next time you print something out, such as a copy of your passport, double check the documents saved on that computer. You just might find a copy available for public use.

Because Overly Attached Computer is overly attached.

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  1. Anonymous  

    inviting criminals to do shady shit. good job, bwog...

  2. Anonymous  

    my dickpics noooo

  3. CC' 16  

    I live in Carman and nearly got a heart attack when I saw this post. Thankfully, I delete almost everything before I log out, which is more than I can say for those DG members that leave their formal and crush party guest lists and answer keys to their initiation interview on there.

  4. Anonymous

    I thought this was common knowledge...? Isn't this how Blue and White compiles its "Digitalia Columbia"????

  5. Stop it bwog  

    This is how I get orgo notes

    • Yeah, ssshhh  

      I always delete my files, but I like reading others' resumes. The stuff people try to pass of as "skills"... Good for a quick laugh when I've been at the computer all night.

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