String Theory Plays GoT Theme

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Looking for a two-minute study break WHILE nursing your inner Game of Thrones nerd? Check out this frankly excellent cover by Columbia’s cello quintet String Theory, which is almost as great as Game of Thrones, cat version. You can play this theme to keep you going when your HBOGo stops to buffer as you stream this Sunday’s episode.

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  1. anon  

    The cat does a better job #sorryImNotSorry

  2. Some day  

    millions of years from now, when an alien species finds the remains of our internetz, they will think cats were our gods.

    What if that's what we've done to Egyptians? What if they just thought cats were really cute and funny like we do?

  3. Anonymous  

    Mad props on this video editing.

  4. SEAS Senior  

    They did an awesome job at the SEAS senior dinner. Got the biggest cheer when they played this.

  5. CC 13  

    You know you're a senior when you get emotional watching this and just dont want to leave because everyone is so amazing and talented and I love Columbia WHYYY.

  6. SEAS '13  

    They're all immensely talented--no doubt--but I didn't like that their arrangement kept the main melody so low. It kind of gets drowned out, especially around 0:40 and 1:23. But maybe that's just a limitation of the cello? Regardless, it was a great pleasure getting to hear their music live at the senior dinner. I was just sad that they left early!

  7. Anonymous  

    Sooo goood!!!!!!!! <3 these guys

  8. :o  

    The first guy kind of looks like the Asian Joffrey.

  9. string theory

    is so dope. also, their videos are so well filmed.

  10. seas '13  

    Yo dawg, I heard one of them once got arrested for fingering A minor.

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