Bwog In Bed: Oversleeping

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Our eyes are still closed

Our eyes are still closed

It’s 11:30 a.m., you say? But we could have sworn it was only 8:15 when we pressed the snooze button…

Bwogline: New York may allow non-citizens to vote in certain local elections; it would make New York the first major city in the country to do so.

Finals tip: Carrying around your books for weeks in your bag basically means you’ve learned their contents after a certain point — no actual handling them necessary! So be sure to have every single CC text in your backpack at all times; occasionally shuffle them into a different order to really get a nuanced grasp of the arguments inside them.

Procrastinate: Read about people cooler than you who are eating better food than you.

Overheard: By EC: “I came so hard I got tinnitus!”

People who woke up later than us via Wikimedia

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