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A wild FRESHMAN appears! What will BWOG do? BWOG used CONVENIENT FEATURE WHERE WE ANSWER QUESTIONS. It’s super effective!

Hi Mr. Bwog,

My name is Chris. I am a freshman. I have a question. What happens to me after Saturday? Am I a sophomore? Or do I have to wait until June?

All week this question has made me go :( ARG ARG ARG WAHAHA CHU CHU :P. I asked my philosophy professor and he told me to shut up and go back to taking my test. I asked the security guard in Hartley and she didn’t hear me because she was reading the Spec. I asked my friend Oscar and he said that he didn’t know. HELP ME Mr. Bwog. You’re my only hope.

Your bestest friend of all,

Christopher L

Hi Chris.

You can just call us Bwog, although we do take the royal ‘we’. Kidding. Maybe.

We’re a bit divided on this issue, but the staff has a few possible criteria for defining at what point you really level up.

  • “You are a sophomore once you get enough credits. So if you pass all your frosh classes, yes.”
  • “‘Rising _____’ is a real thing invented for situations like this.”
  • “Technically not until you’re back at school, but bitches love older guys, so say you’re a sophomore anyway”

Take that as you will, Chris. Bwog is sitting pretty at supersupersupersenior status, so we don’t have any trouble with the ladies.



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  1. this question is a lie  

    no one reads spec

  2. a few criterion  

    exams gettin' to ya?

  3. Vladimir  

    Вы глупы ублюдок!

  4. why would  

    anybody be in a rush to be considered a sophomore...

  5. Anonymous  

    the only thing more offensive than that youtube link is this shitty, heteronormative/misogynistic bwog post

  6. Anonymous  

    The fifth and fourth birthday links are the same.

  7. Criterion  

    Hey Bwog,

    "Criterion" is the singular form. If you a have a few, you have criteria.

  8. joseph  

    when u finish ur senior year in high school, are you considered a freshman

  9. Anonymous

    "Referance" ...C'mon, Bwog, you can do it. We're almost done!

  10. Anonymous  

    Dear Bwog, the title of this post should have read "What? FRESHMAN is evolving!" Your inaccurate pokemon/90s/childhood referencing skills sadden me to the core.

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