Bwog In Bed: So Close Yet So Far

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Just one more Music Hum final….

Bwogline: You go, Angelia Jolie.

Finals tip: The Morton Williams gummy worms not only have smiles BUT little A’s stamped on them. Start inhaling them in the hope that ingesting A’s will be the same as receiving them from your professors.

Procrastinate: Nostalgic seniors? This may make you cry.

Overheard: A budding Music Hum-er:

Little girl: *starts singing Heart and Soul*
Mom: That’s not classical.
Girl, indignantly: It’s close enough!


Finals advice via Wikimedia

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  1. Anonymous

    yeah, encourage people to get masectomies that don't need them yeah

    • Anonymous

      That's missing the point completely.

      If you have a family history of breast/ovarian cancer...and then decide to take a genetic test (based off your family history) to see if you have inherited BRCA1/BRCA2...

      and then learn that you have tested positive for the allele, THEN a mastectomy may be a good choice to prevent the onset of cancer.

      My point is--it's all about making an informed decision.

      • Anonymous

        that's all fine and good

        but it's not necessarily what's going to come out of that op-ed

        there has been a rise of people that get mastectomies and double mastectomies instead of lumpectomies

        and even those with BRCA mutations overestimate their chances getting cancer in the other breast sixfold

        not to mention the problems of the test people so expensive / gene patenting etc.

        and how Jolie is in a very specific group of people of those who have the mutation, which obviously doesn't account for the majority of women with beast cancer

        so yes it's about making an informed decision, but no that op-ed won't help people do that by describing a choice that's not foreveryone as one that more people should consider and make

  2. Vladimir  

    Я действительно чертовски камнями

  3. Anonymous  

    the Spirit comic makes me cry every time no matter what

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