TOX and GUEST Wants You To Listen To Their Music

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Need a study break/affirmation that the people around you are doing productive things with their time? New Columbia band TOX and GUEST, featuring students Eli Aleinikoff, Sahil Ansari, Jon Perkins, Emilie Schattman, and Corey Dansereau, have just released their first EP on — where else? — band camp. They would love for you to listen to it.The album was recorded over the last few months entirely on campus, including rooms in Dodge, McBain, and GreenBorough. If you like what you hear, TOX and GUEST is playing at the Underground, home of many a student music celebration, this Friday at 10:30pm. We’ve embedded one of their singles, “Pixelated,” below.

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  1. greenborough groupie  

    tox and guest <3<3<3

  2. Anonymous  

    damn this is cooooooooool

  3. i love jon perkins

    He's the man!

  4. Anonymous

    Nice sound. I like it!

  5. Anonymous  

    The album's great! I'd love to hear it live!

  6. Anonymous  

    1:04 is delicious

  7. I am a fan  

    Sounds awesome!!!! Def going to the gig

  8. They're all such babes  

    Seriously!!! Total babes

  9. Sam

    Checked out the rest of their music on bandcamp. Love their sound overall, but "Bang" is a little different than the rest. Definitely my favorite on the EP. Wish I was in the city on Friday to see them live.

  10. Eli Aleinikoff

    get at me. Seriously he's a total babe. <3

  11. dayum  

    sahil ansari is such a babe <3

  12. Anonymous  

    jelly-belly-booooooo <33333333333

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