Give and Go Green 2013: DONATE YOUR STUFF

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Gone green

While everyone is running out to finish finals, pack and peace out, there are some that stay behind to pick up the pieces. Leftovers for the Give and Go Greeners!

Every year, at the end of the spring Give and Go Green (run under EcoReps) takes on the task to make move out as waster-free as possible. You reject it? They take it! And, better yet, they sell it in the fall so that students can get fridges, hangers, fans, basically anything for basically the price of nothing. The money goes to programs such as bikeshare, or composting, or earth week (also run by EcoReps). A self-sustainable budget for a sustainable development group.

Conclusion? DONATE YOUR STUFF to Give & Go Green before Saturday the 18th.

There are bins/drop off locations at Carman, Hartley, John Jay, EC, Schapiro, Woodbridge, Nussbaum, Harmony, Broadway, Furnald, Ruggles & McBain. At Barnard, drop off locations are in Elliot, Plimpton, 110, 600, 616, Cathedral Gardens, and Sulzberger. Contact for any questions, or ask on the facebook page.

P.S. do the math, instead of storing a fridge all summer you give it and buy one at the sale in the fall…

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  1. Anonymous

    I'm so green I got gangrene

  2. CC 13

    Yeah, the only problem is you run the risk of buying back a smaller, crappier fridge. I'm all about give and go green, but sometimes it's better to keep some of your stuff that you bought new and shiny (rather than running the risk of getting there too late and having no fridge to buy).

  3. Anonymous  

    According to the housing website, the only dropoff location is the wien gates? Where are the other drop of bins? I live in woodbridge and didn't see anything there ...

  4. debenedetti  (Bwog Staff)  

    Hi. There's a box in Woodbridge next to the guard's desk (against the wall).
    Drop off locations are in most dorms actually: Woodbridge, Schapiro, EC, Wien, John Jay, Furnald, Hartley, Carman, McBain, Broadway, Ruggles, Nussbaum & Harmony.

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