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Underclassmen have to be out of housing by noon tomorrow (eek!!!), but there’s still tonight to live it up, get on with your bad self, and appreciate Columbia culture.  To help with all three of them, the band Sun Looks Down (Diana Flanagan, CC’15, David Su, Spencer Horstman, Jacob Sunshine, all CC’14) is putting on a last concert tonight at 9 pm in 112 Dodge Hall.  The concert will also showcase Taylor Simone, CC’14, and Wheatchief (David Beal, Joe Bucciero, and Michael Blair, all CC’15).  Get out there and have some fun before it all comes to an end and you have to go back to the suburbs where all your high school friends are still putting on crappy basement concerts covering Blink 182.

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  1. Senior  

    Where can I get some boxes to ship stuff, Bwog?

  2. New fan

    Fuck sun looks down was actually really good, I had no idea what to expect.

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