Senior Wisdom: Sakina A. Pasha

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Sakina Pasha

Welcome Sakina Pasha, who provided you with both baked goods and wristbands.

Name, Hometown, School: Sakina A Pasha, Phoenix/Las Vegas/LA, Barnard College

Claim to fame? Just received the honor of being on the cover of Barnard Magazine the semester I graduated, which means my face is awkwardly in peoples mailboxes, on coffee tables, and recycling bins (STOP THROWING AWAY RECYCLABLES-YOU WILL KILL THE POLAR BEARS). I’m President of Knickerbocker Motorsports (Formula SAE)- the AWESOME racecar team on campus, I’m OBSESSED with SGA and been involved with it for 4 years, I’ve been an intro bio TA for two years,I ended up getting 2nd place in assassins being disavowed the entire game, with no one alive on my team, and without killing anyone *cough* greg duchard you died before spring break and claiming to kill someone who is in charge of checking tickets during the Hoodie Allen concert is BS and not a real kill *cough* and I can usually be found in the cadlab/basement of mudd or lying on my floor eating cookies

Where are you going? BACK TO THE SUNSHINE (aka the west coast) to get my Vitamin D on and possibly do ALL THE PASTRY CHEFING before saving the world :)

Three things you learned at Columbia:

  1. Don’t judge people. It might be sappy and cliche to say, but there is no one on this campus who isn’t meant to be here. Whether someones presence helps you to appreciate things in your life more because you see how much they suck, or because you meet someone who is the nicest human being on the planet, everyone you interact with impacts your life, be it in a big or small way and whether you like it or not. So take the time to learn about someones life story, GO TO CAMPUS EVENTS (4 COUNCIL EVENTS ROCK), get involved with a variety of things some of my best friends are from GSSC and 3/2ers from SEAS, take advantage of the knowledge and passion that people around campus have for things. this school is full of some of the most amazing people you will ever be in the presence of, probably including yourself.
  2. Appreciate and contribute to the experience. From four years of intense observation I have found that I can see about 72 stars from the ledge on the steps on a clear night. Take the time to stop, breathe, observe, and appreciate where you go to school and the people you go to school with. Thank the faculty, staff, and administration when you get the chance, and consider how much it actually takes to run an institution. Its simple to put blame on the people in charge, but honestly by trolling you’re not helping anyone or furthering an argument that hasnt been made or been overturned. Don’t waste your time, energy, or internet space talking smack with no intention of picking up the slack.
  3. Engage. You can’t do everything on campus and in the city and there is no perfect balance or formula that can help you have the perfect college experience; but if you don’t get involved, meet people, and really engage, you’re wasting a lot of your time, money, and your life. You have the chance to work with some of them most capable people you will ever come across or work and explore in a city of opportunity, so take advantage of it and enjoy your time while you still can, because once the word graduate is attached to your name, the perks of being a college kid dissolve almost immediately.

Back in my day… The war on fun wasn’t managed via swipe access, tunnels were open, roofs weren’t overpopulated, and all my friends were older than I was.

Justify your existence in 30 words or fewer: I feel instant happiness from cooking and feeding people so I live to make all my friends chubs. I have probably spammed your fb with invitations for GHR or Tree Lighting, or gave you one of those BC/CC/GS/SEAS wristbands during homecoming week.

Write a CU Admirers post to anyone or anything at Columbia: To my wonderful FSAE family, thank you for four years of amazing racing, building, teaching, learning, and dedication to this team. Though many of you have challenged me more than anything else I have ever encountered, I doubt I would have survived college without you all. You all do not get nearly enough credit for the work you do, from the all nighters in the shop, to the endless time spent designing and redesigning the car, you all are phenomenal and have contributed to something far greater than a racecar, you’ve all built a legacy. This past year you all accomplished more than the team has in the past decade and I couldn’t be prouder! I can’t wait to see what you all do next year with the KMR14 at competition!! THANK YOU FOR BUILDING COOL ASS CARS!!! WITHOUT YOU, ALL THE BIDDIES WOULD BE LOST. #cookiegrams4life #becauseracecar #2ndplaceinCOST….ALSO, AYAN NASIR I LOVE YOU <3

Would you rather give up oral sex or cheese? Despite my recent enlightenment about the joys of the absence of cheese from the lives of people who suffer from hypolactasia, I sadly don’t think I could ever give up something that can provide me as much pleasure in public that is socially-acceptable as cheese could.

One thing to do before graduating: Take the time to explore campus and the city. Stay up all night just talking to someone even if youre supposed to be finishing an assignment, don’t worry, you’ll get it done. Get to know at least one of your professors. Hang out with kids in Formula SAE! Join student government for at least one year. Don’t let the name of your college define your experience.

Any regrets? I wonder what my life would be like if I was as consistent with school as I am with my student activities involvement, said NO ONE EVER. Don’t forget that grades are just a letter and one assignment won’t destroy your future, but one experience or activity could open up a world of opportunity. I do, however, wish I had spent more time exploring the city and less time being afraid of the weather here #AZprobs

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  1. Anonymous

    >Thank the faculty, staff, and administration when you get the chance, and consider how much it actually takes to run an institution.

    Seems like it's about 55 grand a year per person.

  2. Anonymous

    agree with above-- they should be bowing down to us..

    but sakina is great! best of luck! youll do great :3

  3. Anonymous

    Sakina is the absolute best!

  4. anononymous

    someone is a sore loser *cough*

  5. I only know her as


  6. Anonymous

    Zucchini Squasha! <3

  7. Anonymous

    She didn't really do anything at Formula SAE. VINNY ALL THE WAY!

  8. Nardwuar

    *cough* you killed no one and you were easily the most undeserving second place finisher in the history of second place *cough*

  9. Anonymous

    @Nardwuar: This undeserving status is applicable to more than just assassin.

  10. Anonymous

    It's crazy how you can take credit for something you didn't do (FSAE).

  11. does this girl seriously think

    she's an engineer? lolz "basement of mudd", "cadlab". annoying.

    • SEAS '13 (actual engineer)

      Sigh. Agreed. Furthermore, this was absolutely painful to read. The resume-like listing of on-campus activities, the gushing about her own personal talents, the name-dropping. Oftentimes I question my own self-worth and contribution to CU in reading Wisdoms like these (like, how do people like this even get nominated? what didn't I do?). Thankfully, Randolph and Kapil rounded out the pack.


  12. Anonymous

    Really she didn't? Someone should tell your advisor and other teammates because apparently for the last four years she's had everyone but you fooled! Just an FYI, the mark of a good leader isn't how much work you see them do, it's how much the TEAM accomplishes under their leadership...I'd say the first trophy in the history of Columbia FSAE speaks volumes about what she did...

  13. haters gonna hate

    There' a reason she's been consistently on the board for FSAE because she actually gets stuff done. Just because she doesn't constantly shove her achievements in your face doesn't mean she hasn't worked her ass off for the team. Sakina has done awesome things while all you haters have nothing better to do than troll the comments of a bwog post. Stop being ignorant assholes and go find something meaningful to do with your lives.

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