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In an email early this summer, Interim Dean of Student Affairs Terry Martinez announced some administrative reshuffling: Student Development and Activities and the Office of Civic Action and Engagement would be merged into a new office, called the Office of Student Engagement. That’ll  be under Associate Dean of Student Affairs Todd Smith-Bergollo.

Also included in the email was the news that Robert Taylor, Executive Director of Student Development and Activities, and Cynthia Jennings, Director of New Student Orientation and Class Year Programs, will be “pursuing alternative possibilities,” or something like that.

Martinez sent the email to a host of student leaders (all bcc’d) to see who wanted to help with the process of filling the new vacancies.

According to the peppy description on the new office’s new website, Student Engagement will “help students […] engage in their communities.” In plain English: this is where you’ll file your e-forms now, and it’s still on Lerner 5.

And, while Bwog’s only been around for a few years, this seems like a pretty bold move for just any old “interim” dean. One roll of Lerner butcher paper says she’s here to stay. Love ya, DTM!

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  1. Hmmmm

    On the one hand, thank goodness Taylor is gone. On the other, if TM has too much power, yikes.

  2. Wait

    CJ left? Is this why NSOP already seems so poorly organized this year?

  3. Truth

    Robert Taylor fired?!? RACISM!

  4. Anonymous

    Seems like Terry Martinez is consolidating power or maybe people left because she's such a bad administrator...

  5. Anonymous

    Looks like no one wants to work under Terry Martinez

  6. anonymous

    Rats off a sinking ship perhaps.....

  7. Anonymous

    A Bwog endorsement of Dean Martinez? Heresy!

  8. cool...

    More useless decisions from the world's most useless administrator.

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