Houses And Homes: Vancouver, BC

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As the summer depressingly draws to a close, here’s another scenic landscape to inspire awe and envy, courtesy of Benjamin Tischler. Take a break from Instagraming your beach view to send a snapshot to 

Where: Elfin Lakes, Garibaldi Provincial Park near Vancouver, BC


Vancouver, BC Vancouver, BC

Sound: Gentle hum of mosquitos

Smell: Clean, crisp mountain air

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  1. Wow

    Good thing that tent blocked most of the view!

  2. Anonymous  

    Again, Bwog, I must ask: Why are you doing this? Who's the target audience? I there anyone these articles appeal to, apart from the writer him/herself? Are you only doing this because there's nothing else to write about but you need to fill out the dead time during the vacation?

  3. Anonymous

    this picture is too aware of its audience, and embodies the only part of my life at columbia that i will *not* miss.

  4. same person

    no offense to the person who took this picture.

  5. Anonymous  

    And it's a very phallic tent too.

  6. Lol

    Wait, Benjamin Tischler didn't graduate yet??

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