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It's not too hard, we promise

It’s not too hard, we promise

Welcome (yet again), freshmen! Here’s hoping your first day was relatively trauma-free, and that you actually found a blue bin at some point in your journey. All Jersey/Westchester non-West Coast people, we’re looking forward to seeing you bright and early tomorrow morning.

If you’re sitting anxiously in your newly postered JJ single right now, bursting with creative energy and new stories or experiences — then we have a solution to at least one of your new college problems. Bwog is looking for freshmen to write about their NSOP week: anything from move-in narratives to too-real party testimonials to an experimental stream-of-consciousness about Thursday night’s outing. Tell us about all the parties we’re not invited to, all the late night near-death experiences you survive on your first trip downtown, that awkward moment with your roommate where he’s still not talking to you….the possibilities are, as they say, infinite. Haven’t yet been to a Bwog meeting, you say? Haven’t actually met any of us face to face? Don’t let that stop you. If there’s any part of your week that you’re itching to write about and share with the world (or not — you can be campus-famous or totally anonymous), shoot an email to, and we’ll get you on our front page before you’ve even stepped foot in Hamilton.

You should also come to our first meeting of the year on Sunday, September 1st, at 7 pm in the SGO on the 5th floor of Lerner. It will be your first of countless Columbia free food opportunities. This goes for all of you — it’s never too late in your Columbia career to start taking pictures of squirrels.

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