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What we want the SGO to look like in two hours

What we want the SGO to look like in two hours

Want to snag some free food tonight? Want to meet some of the best people of your lives tonight? Want to experience the best event of NSOP, hands-down? You can find all of that tonight with us. Bwog’s first meeting of the semester will be tonight at 7 p.m. in the SGO, and we want to see all of your shining faces there. Since Lerner is a rat’s maze for functionality, here’s how to get to the SGO: Take the elevator to the 5th floor of Lerner. On the Broadway side (the side with the computers and small lounge), there’s a hallway leading to the SGO (Student Government Offices). Take the first door to the right, and a long table full of Bwog will greet you. As well as various delicacies from Westside. Come if you’re interested in writing for us, reading us, want to ask us questions, or just want to meet us and grab a few cookies. We’ll be in the SGO from 6:30 on (after the publications Meet & Greet in the Satow room), ready to make friends.

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