The life of a sorority campus rep.

The life of a sorority campus rep.

This Saturday night, a Bwog correspondent was enjoying a wonderful dinner at Freda’s (109 and Columbus). It was a calm evening until a particularly loud comment from the table behind him caught his attention.

“I am their campus rep, and I fucking hate them.”

The unknown Columbia employee went on to talk for another 10 minutes to his/her friends. He went on to bash the sorority (who shall remain nameless) he/she works with for the next 10 minutes saying:

“They are the most self-centered human beings I’ve ever met… They’re awful! I hate them… They’re so in love with themselves–it’s sick!”

The disgruntled admin’s friends all found it rather amusing, but their statements might lend some credibility to any group out there who has ever felt like their administrative connection was actually out to get them. But I suppose if you had to deal with things like this, maybe you would feel the same way.