Waking Up With Bwog: The Last Day

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This is it, friends.  Tomorrow we’re officially back to school.

Today’s Highlights:

  • A ton of neighborhood tours.  See: Central Park, 5th Ave/Rockefeller Center, Chinatown/Little Italy, Midtown, Soho, Staten Island.  Meet at various places.
  • The EcoReps Green Tour, 1:30 pm, meet at the sundial.
  • Welcome to JJ’s Place, 8-10 pm, JJ’s.  Check out the beautiful new JJ’s Place.  You lucky bastards.

One Thing To Do Before Graduating:

Louise McCune: Get into it. Whatever “it” is. I wish upon everyone some extremely “chill” times in college, but I also hope that there will be days– weeks! months!– that you are so so so so absolutely INTO what you are doing that it is almost all you can think about. Take advantage of this unparalleled opportunity to have ideas and make things in the company of all these brilliant people.

Know Your Alums: We can tell you that you go to school with some seriously kick-ass people and you’re really going to enjoy the next four years, or we can just show you these:

The Hard Core: A Columbian Odyssey (Part 5 of 5) “It’s Finals Week” from Bwog on Vimeo.

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