Bwoglines: Broaden Your Horizons Edition

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Expand your knowledge in every field!

Expand your knowledge in every field!

Be an informed citizen and catch the highlights of last night’s final NYC mayoral debate. Specifically, NYMag‘s sassy commentary about the moderators and Weiner’s facial expressions (WSJ, NYMag).

Our friends over at The Lion actually read that annual safety report that’s sitting in your inbox and noticed that forcible sexual offenses have quadrupled in the past year at Columbia. They hypothesize that Columbia’s newly expanded definitions of sexual offenses have something to do with the increase (Columbia, The Lion).

The newest element, and one of the heaviest yet, was discovered artificially fabricated a few days ago by Swedish scientists. Its temporary name is ununpentium, and it “has no practical uses yet. It’s so unstable that it doesn’t stay around long enough to make anything out of it.” There’s a metaphor brewing somewhere in there… (The New Yorker).

A Chicago cabbie charged a foreign U of I student over $4,000 for a cab ride from the airport to campus — and the poor guy paid him. And you complain about the NYC cab prices… (Gothamist).

The 50 Shades of Grey movie has finally been cast. Your mother’s book club is collectively freaking as we speak (Entertainment Weekly).

Ununununumumumumpetium via Wikimedia

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