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With SSOL crashing during the first day of school, and Courseworks giving you the ability to friend request fellow students, you might be thinking:

Wow. Columbia sucks at the Internet.

Enter LionTextbooks.

This website, conveniently named, allows you to copy your SSOL schedule into a small box, and in return gives you a list of all the books you need(?) to buy. It shows the cheapest options offered by retailers, including, the Columbia Bookstore, Barnes and Noble, and Chegg, to name a few. It also gives you links right next to the price to buy the books without searching.

Bwog recently sat down electronically with Spencer Wolfe, CC’14, one of the two masterminds behind Lion Textbooks. He states that his reason for creating LionTextbooks is because “the Columbia Bookstore is draconian” and that this website is “meant to be an ally for broke college students.” Spencer and Scott Hardy, the other half of the dynamic duo, do plan on expanding the website to include Barnard College, but want it to retain it’s simplicity: “The site itself is meant to be refreshingly simple so we’re not looking to add hundreds of features or options to the home page.”

It works exactly as described. After pasting a schedule into the box, the site immediately identified Bwog’s current courses. It quickly gave us a list of textbooks to buy, INCLUDING PICTURES, along with the prices and links. It even provided some textbooks that had not been listed elsewhere. Truly *automagic*.

Not satisfied that Bwog wasn’t being duped into another buggy website, we questioned Spencer on his morals. He responded that his favorite thing to order from Chipotle is a chicken burrito with black beans, brown rice, fajita vegetables, pico, corn, sour cream, lettuce and cheese that he smothers in Cholula hot sauce from his personal collection.

Our work here is done. Go check out


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  1. Anonymous  

    Whoa, whoa, something simple and convenient? This is not the Columbia I know and love.

  2. pedant  

    *retain its simplicity

  3. Anonymous

    fuck you bwog. you always advertise other people's shit and not mine.

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