Bwoglines: Raising Our Eyebrows Edition

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According to this super-scientific survey with lots of fun graphs, Columbia is the most-mentioned school in the NYT wedding section. Start lining up your eyebrows for the pictures (Rap Genius).

On this Thursday morning in New York, Anthony Weiner both heckles at a Brooklyn bakery and is a weatherman. Thank you, Anthony, for providing constant entertainment (NYT, NY Daily News).

Don’t worry, the fun doesn’t have to stop when you have kids: Just become like one of these people who are making Twitter accounts for their babies. That’s what they’re for, right? (NYMag).

And a turkey gone wild wreaked havoc in a New Jersey home. There are just too many punny possibilities here, so we’ll let you choose your own (Gothamist).

And here’s a cat video for you, because Bwog needs to go to class. Also, because one of us could very well have taken this video.

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