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yashaYasha Ramen recently opened on Amsterdam at 106th, just a little south of Thai Market. This was a risky move, seeing as one of the best ramen shops in the city, Jin Ramen, is just a few subway stops up, at 125th and Broadway. Bwog sent Maud Rozee, proud owner of a ramen spoon and fork, to find out if Yasha can compete.

Atmosphere: Like Jin, Yasha is a cute ramen shop with an open kitchen. It’s bright, clean and modern looking, with blonde wood floors and a brick wall. It’s a little less hip than Jin; my waitress didn’t have any tattoos or extreme hair colors, and there were a few family dinners happening. I give it 5/5 for looking like a successful Restaurant Makeover.

Tonkotsu Ramen

Tonkotsu Ramen

Food: Yasha’s signature ramen, and two other ramens on the menu are made with chicken broth, which gives them a sour, chicken-noodle-soupy taste. The Tonkotsu ramen, made with pork broth, is deliciously creamy. The cha-shu pork was maybe a tiny bit less succulent than at Jin, and my hardboiled egg was a tad cold, but it was nonetheless enjoyable. Yasha gives you the options of curly or straight noodles, or making your ramen spicy for an extra $1.50. There’s a vegetarian ramen option, which I personally find an abomination, but I guess could be helpful if you’re a ramen lover with vegetarian friends who doesn’t want to be embarrassed when they insist upon ordering a side dish of plain rice for lunch. I give it 3/5, meaning that from now on I will eat at Yasha 3 times a week and at Jin 5 times a week.

Service: My waitress was friendly and competent. Overall, 5/5 because nobody got a bowl of hot ramen poured into their lap (which has happened at other establishments I’ve visited).

Yasha's Signature Ramen

Yasha’s Signature Ramen

Cost: Firstly, Yasha is cash only for now, which is a bummer. Prices for ramen range from $8.5 for Shitake Mushroom Ramen to $13.75 for extra spicy Tonkotsu Ramen. At Jin, the cheapest ramen is $10, Shio Ramen, but it also comes with a lot more toppings and sounds much tastier. I give Yasha’s cost 3.5/5, because the ramen is cheaper in money but will make you poorer in the currency of deliciousness.

Overall: Personally, I want Yasha to stay open because I love ramen and it’s close to my dorm. It may not measure up to Jin in terms of sheer tastiness, but it’s a solid ramen shop, and a nice place to have a meal. Also, unlike at Jin, you don’t have to wait half an hour to sit down. Overall, Yasha gets 4 tender bamboo shoots out of a possible 5 warm edamame beans.


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  1. Broth  

    is way too salty. There might be MSG in it too.

  2. Anonymous

    Just a few subway stops=1 subway stop.

  3. it's


    not tonkotsu

  4. Dee R.

    Great article. Reading the Yelp reviews of Yasha seems to indicate that it's OK, but it's no Jin Ramen. Jin is the best ramen in the entire city!

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