1. Anonymous  

    welcome back, bois

  2. Wow

    This is really, really racist.

  3. just wait  

    until some stupid feminist states that they are objectifying women...

  4. Anonymous  

    Other than the lyrics and the singing being absolutely TERRIBLE, this video is kind of okay, I guess.


    and other collaborationists

  6. LGBT-identified BC student

    wait this is amazing

  7. anon  

    Those turban terrorists shouldnt have a video on this website

  8. gross word choice


  9. 20 rupees is like 30 cents.  

    it's not racist, but it's in bad taste.

  10. lol  

    these guys always make videos like 2 months too late

  11. Whatever

    These guys need to stop and get over themselves. It's not good or timely guys.

  12. Anonymous  

    ...cultural appropriation.

    There, I said it. *flees comment section*

  13. Actually...  

    Chris and Angad do very good and important work in Punjab -- something related to development and education and trying to make it a better place.

    Not sure how people think the video is "racist" or "too late." They released it to the Columbia audience because they go to Columbia, but (according to Chris) the real purpose was to inspire Punjabi youth (and to have some fun during their long, hot summer doing difficult work in the towns of Punjab).

    And my favorite part? Both Punjabis in India and Punjabi-Americans are eating it up. Haters gonna hate, but Punjabis gonna love.

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