Bwoglines: Slightly Unexpected Edition

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Hang out with Michael Bloomberg¬†before he disappears forever come Tuesday’s election (NYMag).

Senior year right there

Senior year right there

Have you ever been a zombie elf? There’s a new college scholarship specifically for players of Magic: The Gathering, with funds specifically from older, more successful players of Magic: The Gathering. We bet the application questions are far more entertaining (NYT).

There’s no better way to describe this than the original Gizmodo title: “Skinny People Poop Will Save Us All” (Gizmodo).

People are finding new cures to what we’re sure is a very very relevant problem in your life — lack of attention span — using…an online game? We feel like there’s something wrong with that sentence (The Atlantic).

The most awesome new way into college via Wikimedia

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    Get your applications in for Fulbright, Marshall, Rhodes Scholarships etc.

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