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You don`t have to be old like this guy to be running out of time to take awesome classes

You don`t have to be old like this guy to be running out of time to take awesome classes

Your schedules don’t have to be finalized until Friday and Bwog knows that you are still looking for that one golden class that will make your ridiculously high tuition worth it. Here are our humble suggestions; please leave your own in the comments.

American Studies: Andrew Delbanco, Foundations of American Literature

Anthropology: Severin Fowles, Origins of Human Society

Anthropology: Mick Taussig, Interpretations of Culture

Asian Humanities: Colloqium on Major Texts: East Asia, with any professor but especially with William de Bary.

Creative Writing: Margo Jefferson, Modern Arts Writer

Creative Writing: Amy Benson, The Lyric Essay

Creative Writing: Cris Beam, The Literary Reporter

Earth and Environmental Science: Roger Anderson, Planet Earth

Economics: Sunil Gulati, Global Economy

English: Erik Gray, Romantic Poetry

English: Margaret Vandenburg, Modernism

History: Barbara Fields, History of the South/Anything

History: Casey Blake, U.S. Intellectual History: 1865 to the Present

History: Seth Fein, American Empire Projected on Film

History: Charles K. Armstrong, The Vietnam War

History: Sam Moyn, History of Human Rights

Political Science: PrezBo, Freedom of Speech and Press

Note: Not all of these classes are being offered this semester but since they`re all legendary it`s still good for you to know.

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  1. really regretting it

    dont actually take global econ if youre not into econ or hard classes. show up for a lecture and feel all hip and included and carry on with your life.

  2. real talk

    seth fein made me worship the unisphere. I cried during that lecture.

  3. ta

    Major Debates in the Study of Africa, Mamdani

  4. Anonymous  

    You've only posted humanities classes. Many engineering and science classes are repetitive and mechanical, but there are a few gems!



  6. great job

    posting this a week after classes started

  7. WARNING  

    Romantic Poetry with Erik Gray does not involve "romantic" poetry being read to you and instead consists of poetry from the "Romantic" historical period. You will be left hollow, your manboner for Gray unfulfilled.

  8. Anonymous  

    Oh dear lord if you value your ability to stay awake in class, avoid Major Debates at all costs.

  9. Earth and Environmental Sciences  


  10. Anonymous  

    Is this an addition to a previous list? I don't see Mark Lilla or Nicholas Dames. Why is that? Surely Mark Lilla merits being on two lists.

  11. Anonymous

    Wael Hallaq, Central Questions in Islamic Law/ Asian Humanities

    TAKE IT.

  12. Anonymous  

    Race: The Tangled History of a Biological Concept, Jill Shapiro

  13. BC'13/Vandenburg's Biggest Fan


    If you're a Barnard English major, try to get into her Post-Modernism seminar. It's so so so good, but limited (unfortunately) to about 15 students (or fortunately because more one-on-one time with Vandy).

  14. Anonimal  

    This might have been helpful before we chose our classes, BWOG....

  15. How about  

    Anything with Jill Shapiro, ever?

  16. neanderthal  

    awwwwwww professor fowles is da best

  17. This will probably be downvoted

    Nonetheless, I would like to advocate D-mowsh's Intro Biology. You learn a lot, and she finds ways to make things interesting. The exams are, dare I say, fun to do - she makes you think. There's only one problem - the plethora of post-bac premeds

  18. philo  

    anything with Neuhouser.

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