John Jay Gone Wild

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A tipster discovered what looks like a porno being filmed a couple days ago by John Jay. It’s about time someone took advantage of Columbia’s sexy campus. It goes without saying that if any of you ever come across the finished work, you must email

what a fun and sexy time for CU

Many famous movies were shot at Columbia, like Spider-Man, Ghostbusters, and this random porno.

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  1. Anonymous

    "Ivy League Dominatrices VIII:"

    Watch two Columbia College co-eds inflate this jock's grades as they use their Butler stacks to help him graduate magnum cum laude!

    "It’s about time someone took advantage of Columbia’s sexy campus." -Bwog, ★★★★☆

  2. Seriously?

    Bad reporting! How is anyone to tell that this is a porno? Or a film at all? It looks like a project for a film class of some sort? Seriously these are just ridiculous assumptions to make. Do you guys actually look into these things? Nothing in this picture suggests that it's a porno.

  3. I watch a lot of porn

    I watch a lot ofporn and this doesn't look like a porno. I mean it could be but yeah no reason to think it is one.

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