PSA: “Hey, Who Turned Out the Lights?”

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Update: As of 11:56 pm, power is back.

At 8:54 pm tonight, Bwog received a tip that the power in Wien had gone out. Skeptical, Bwog checked out of our 18th story EC window to see most lights in Wien on, indicating that the tipster was in error.

Around 9:30, we received confirmation from the Wien CA that the power in most rooms was out, and the elevators were not working.

At the time of writing power appears to be out building-wide. It is not clear what the timeline is for getting power back on, but for now Wiener’s probably don’t want to return to their linoleum-tiled abodes. We’ll keep you updated as more information becomes available.

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    sucks to suck

  2. Watt Twat  

    Sucks to Suck WEIN

  3. Blunts in Butler  

    How am I supposed to hot box my room now?!

  4. Proper Apostrophe Usage  

    WIENERS. Not Wiener's.

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