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You, too, could be a blue-tone health educator.

You, too, could be a blue-tone health educator.

While you’re still in denial about the inevitable onslaught of midterms, papers, and problem sets that will soon descend upon you, take advantage of the first few weeks of the semester and its myriad opportunities for free food. Head over to the Lerner West Ramp Lounge tonight from 8:30-10 for free pizza and an information session for Peer Health Exchange (PHE), or, if you can’t make it today, head over to the Satow Room on Monday, 9/16 from 7-8:30 for an additional information session (and, you guessed it, more free food). The deadline to apply to be a PHE health educator is Monday, September 16th (the app is “quick” and “straightforward,” according to PHE). From the group:

Peer Health Exchange (PHE) is looking for its newest class of Health Educators! PHE is a national organization that seeks to empower ninth graders within public high schools by giving them access to resources and skills that directly relate to their personal health. Through training college students in specific health topics (STI’s and HIV, Mental Health, Drugs, and Alcohol to name a few), PHE fosters a relationship between peer educators and students that relies only on factual information and allows the students to make their own decisions and encourages them to be informed autonomous individuals. As peer educators, we go out into the city on Friday mornings to select public high schools  that often serve students from lower-income families and that do not have established health courses already. We seek to address the health disparities that are often seen in these school environments. PHE provides a great entrance into the world of public health, medicinal-related fields, teaching, group facilitation, and workshops involving intergroup identity dynamics.If you’re interested in learning more, information sessions are great ways to get some one-on-one time with current Health Educators as well as enjoying some free pizza.
Logistically, volunteers should be able to
  • commit 4-6 hours/week for the entire 2013-2014 academic year
  • attend weekly Wednesday night meetings (8-9:30 pm)
  • maintain at least 3 hours of time every Friday to teach their specialized workshop
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