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This is how Bwog feels about Netflix

This is how Bwog feels about Netflix

We know the beginning of the year is rough. And if you’re a first- or second-year CC student (or a dreadfully unlucky SEAS senior), you’re most likely wishing you didn’t have to read that giant classic tome you were just assigned to finish by tomorrow. Can’t it just be summer again so you can binge watch Netflix? Unfortunately, Bwog can’t turn back time, but we can tell you which TV shows will help you learn the Core without reading a single page. Just scroll to the book you need to read below to find your recommended viewing.

Symposium – Mad Men

A bunch of smart dudes get drunk and talk about their love lives, but you’d really rather just watch them hook up with each other.

Oedipus Rex – How I Met Your Mother

“You see, kids, it was the fall of 429 BCE. I had just come to a crossroads on my way to Corinth when a carriage nearly ran me off the road! We got into a fight, and I killed the guy in the carriage. I didn’t know it at the time, but the man was the king of Corinth and also my father. Then I came to Corinth and married his widow. And that’s how I met your mother (and also my mother)!”

Lysistrata – Girls

Female empowerment, body positive thinking, and the use of sex to control men’s wills? This really needs no explanation.

The Iliad – Dexter

Something happened to really piss this guy off, and after he has a temper tantrum he’s going to end up killing a shitload of people.

King Lear – The Office

As the guy in charge gets progressively crazier, everyone around him fights it out to be his successor.

Crime and Punishment – Breaking Bad

A shy man who secretly believes himself to be above the law caves to the pressures of his family’s monetary needs. His only redeeming factor turns out to be love for his partner in crime (and no, we’re not talking about Skyler).

The Divine Comedy – Lost

The main characters randomly run into people they’ve met before, they might be in purgatory, and the ending is a real let-down.

The Republic – any infomercial

An overbearing host talks at his captive audience continually until they give up and just agree with him. Also, Billy Mays as Socrates would be pretty amazing.

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