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Por qué no los dos?

Por qué no los dos?

We live in a judge-y time, faithful readers. You can’t love plaid and moleskines or coding the night away without someone shitting on you.

“I’m staying away from these literary people. I’m sticking to engineers—no personality is better than a shitty one.”


We will never find a more photogenic man on Shutterstock

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  1. do history majors count as literary people?  

    As a man with a shitty personality, I am offended that I was compared to a literary person.

  2. ballerinadalek  

    Obviousman says: Meet a GSer today silly person. We have all majors (though Econ seems to be in the majority). It might involve an hour of chilling at Dodge or on the Lewisohn lawn, but they're loverly anyway. How bout that weather?

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