Candidate List for Fall 2013 CCSC/ESC Elections

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The official candidate list for Fall 2013 CCSC and ESC Elections is out. But first, some general information about the elections:
  • There will be both a CCSC Debate and ESC Debate held in Lerner on Sunday September 22nd. There will be pizza.
  • Campaigning will start on Wednesday, September 18th at 9 am.
  • Voting will occur from Monday September 23rd to Wednesday September 25th.
  • Results will be announced Wednesday September 25th in the evening.

 Official Candidate List for CCSC & ESC Elections Fall 2013 

Available Positions:
2017 Class Council President, Vice President, and 3 Representatives

Lion Heart:
Thomas Arbuckle (President)
Jesus Reyes (Vice President)
Jesus Mora­Valle (Representative)

Non­Party Affiliated Candidates:
Sheila Alexander (Representative)
Abby Porter (Representative)
Morgan Hughes (Representative)

Morningside Mojo:
Anuj Sharma (President)
Chris Allison (Vice President)
Annette Finnegan (Representative)
Junghwan Jang (Representative)
Sarah Kuranga (Representative)

Prestige Worldwide:
Teddy Finkelstein (President)
Marshall Bozeman (Vice President)

Michael Starr (President)
Jose Treasure (Vice President)
Anais Carell (Representative)
Cameron Demsey (Representative)
Maria Martinez (Representative)

The Council:
Benjamin Gottdiener (President)
Scott Turtur (Vice President)
Kristen Gonzalez (Representative)
Wina Huang (Representative)
Gabi Mayers (Representative)

The Lion’s Pride:
Chris George (President)
Shannon Zhao (Vice President)
Francis Reyes (Representative)
Logan Erickson (Representative)
Aishwerya Sharma (Representative)

Available Positions:
3-­2 Representative
2017 Class Council President, Vice President, and 2 Representatives

3-­2 Representative Candidates:
Michelle Haines
Seth Hochhauser

2017 Class Council Parties and Candidates:

Kung Fu Pandas:
Sona Roy (President)
Mayank Mahajan (Vice President)
Manos Koumantakis (Representative)
Ankit Shah (Representative)

Sidney Perkins (President)
Larry Xiao (Vice President)
Rhea Padalkar (Representative)
Lara Warner (Representative)

They SEAS Me Rollin’
Robert Adelson (President)
Jonathan Barrios (Vice President)
Prerna Kohli (Representative)
Harry Munroe (Representative)

Vitamin SEAS:
Sahir Jaggi (President)
Gary Lin (Vice President)
Sarah Yang (Representative)
Sandra Shaefer (Representative)

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