Chronicles of (S)existentialism

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A tipster found this delightful annal(your mind went there) on the bottom of her Carman bed.


I believe he’s referring to how many times he’s been to BJ’s Wholesale Club.

“I’m just another notch in your bedpost, but you’re just a line in a song”

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  1. Carman 7 4 lyfe  

    Hahaha, I know this guy...good times.

  2. Gay  

    Lol 4 BJs is nothing to boast about

    • Other Gay  

      Thanks! And to think, people say we're overly promiscuous and trashy!


      • Same Gay  

        and to think we had overcome slutshaming in our community!

        • Same Other Gay  

          "Slut-shaming: (n.) a label for social control of sexuality by exposing a person to shame for engaging in—or being perceived to engage in—unlawful, abnormal or unethical sexual behavior."

          Real talk: I really couldn't give two fucks what you do in the bedroom--sex is great, and I've enjoyed many great experiences in the sack. What bothers me is that you and your ilk--forgive my presumptions here--advertise your promiscuity in such a jocular, competitive and superficial manner that you inseparably link the "gay" identity from the sex. You literally just said "I'm gay, and because I'm gay that's very few BJs. We have so much more sex!"

          No, just shut up. We don't need any more ratchet bitches. I'm not sure if this is just the way things are at Columbia, or because we're some kind of gay competitive young elite, or what; all I know is, if I have to listen to one more dude in a striped tank top and booty shorts talk about how fat people have gotten, or who got sloppier with how many guys last weekend, I think I'm actually going to barf. I've never had a positive interaction with the gay community here, and frankly the only thing it's done is made me hate myself and my identity.

          Lastly, this fatwa on "judging" is reductive and just sugarcoats the reality: we're adults, and like it or not we're accountable for our words and actions. And maybe if people actually conducted themselves as such we'd all be a little better to one another.


  3. ...

    If you nail a skank and don't even get a BJ out of it, seems like you're doing something wrong with that wood.

  4. luleelurah driver

    i'm just the nuts in your bedpost / but sauce in your nyuuun in your song

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