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Thunder and lightning storming brains in Lerner

Thunder and lightning storming brains in Lerner

It was a regular party yesterday evening in the Satow room. Joseph Milholland was the guest of honor.

The first CCSC meeting of the school year was full of brainstorming and plans, but at the year’s second gathering, the real business began. After a quick icebreaker where the council member stated the first word that came to their head (including “alcohol,” “money,” and “porcupine”), the council addressed a few salient points.

First, the Passport to Columbia presentation will occur on Saturday, September 21st. The council also tossed around the idea of a town hall for all Columbia College student to voice their thoughts to CCSC twice a semester. The council members voiced their personal concerns they had with SSOL’s new wait list program so they could improve things in the spring. Finally, they clarified that the SDA (Student Development Activities) and OCAE have merged to make a new acronym baby: SE (Student Engagement), a reportedly more efficient and faster bureaucratic office.

The council’s bylaws, not updated for “four of five years,” received reworking in the meeting. The council first assembled into small groups to edit a collective document of the bylaws. Among the more interesting comments on this:

  • Changing “funding” to “finance” throughout the document
  • Putting WTFColumbia and Bagelpalooza in the bylaws
  • Getting rid of archaic rules, such as a reference to the now-defunct President’s Council on Student Affairs.

The last order of business was to discuss WTFColumbia and how it related to CCSC. As a whole, the council likes WTFColumbia and thinks many of the complaints are simply questions that need to be answered. The council will create and ambitious program to spread the word about this aptly named service. Posters, advertisements, and contests were proposed along with a collection of humorous Vine videos highlighting things Columbia students might say WTF (what to fix, remember?) about. There are over 250 items on WTFColumbia the council needs to address, so they have a job on their hands.

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