SGA: Housing Policy Saga cont.

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Bwog's vision for the new Quad study lounges

Bwog’s vision for the new Quad study lounges

New members, policy change, and cookies oh my! Monday night’s SGA meeting was one thrill of an assembly and Bwog’s own Lauren Beltrone was there to get all the deets.

Andddd the votes are in. The Barnard Class of 2017 has elected Erin Bryk and Sarah Kim as President and VP, respectively! The election couldn’t have been more of a nail-biter, as both candidates ran unopposed. These women are simply too Strong and Beautiful © for opposition.

It’s my room and I can have guests stay over if I want to. “No you can’t” says Barnard ResLife. SGA met with ResLife to demystify the policy and beg for it to be rescinded. (Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.) If you’re looking for a scapegoat, blame unhappy roommates who don’t speak up for themselves. ResLife implemented the policy after a number of students complained IN MAY that they felt uncomfortable with their roommates having guests over on a regular basis, but didn’t want to bring it up with an RA during the school year. Here’s a quick run-down of the housing policy-related FAQs:

Did I really consent to this thing in the Housing Contract? Yes, yes you did.

What does overnight actually mean? No one knows.

Is this for both single and double dorms? What if I have suite-style living? Yes, it applies to every last one of us living within the Barnard-sphere.

Now onto news from the class councils.

Junior CC is throwing a class-wide “Welcome Back Dinner” with insomnia cookies, so don’t miss out on that. Tangential Pro-Tip: next time you go to Insomnia (which, let’s be honest, won’t be long from now), ask for a cookie-dough brownie. It won’t disappoint.

The Arts Council would like to share that some of the Quad rooms are being converted back into study rooms, and you should know the Arts Council will be there to them liven up with some paintings.

Lastly, if you’re still combing NACE every night in search of the on-campus job of your dreams, check out food services. They’re on the lookout for new members and you could be just right for the job.

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  1. BC '14

    Fuck Reslife. They keep jacking up housing prices even as housing gets more and more restrictive and controlling (forced doubles, forced one-room quads, making us sign guests OUT and not just in, the Great Plimpton Disaster of 2012, this new policy).

    Glad I'm almost out of here

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