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Campus satire publication the Federalist opens its Fall season tonight with Fed Bash: Under the $ea! The event begins at 11 p.m. in Lerner Party Space, and will feature both live music from Ampersand and Rutabaga, along with DJ performances by DJ Dwai, and DJ Latte. In addition to great music, mocktails and snacks will be provided. According to the organizers, the party promises to be a “face-meltingly fun time.” Tickets are available from the TIC for $5. Also here’s a phun video!

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  1. Anonymous  

    Well that looks like a kooky good time.

  2. Anonymous  

    it must be hard to have a life as empty as yours.

  3. Anonymous  

    BWOG has LOTS of expertise with throwing fun events. and publishing stuff in print! ....oh wait

  4. Anonymous  

    Nothing but class and professionalism here.

    It's one thing to see an organization's request to be promoted, turn it down and laugh at them privately. It's yet another thing to publicly mock them on your website because one of their members foolishly set in a tip asking for their event to be pimped (as you have done in the past with EcoReps, club-specific open houses, and the like).

    Remind me again why your website doesn't have bylines? Would it be too much work having to honor the requests to remove them all after your writers try to get real jobs and don't want their names attached to your publication? (See: removing Conor and Alex's names from the Specsucks outing post) Or maybe it's because you don't want people to know that your dedicated editorial team is down to the single digits, likely because of whatever train of thought goes on behind the scenes that would result in a post like this.

    • Alexandra  (Bwog Staff)

      Ok hold up - normally I wouldn't respond to questions about our professionalism because, come on, I'd spend half my life doing so at the rate y'all shout about it, but I just want to make it clear that in no way whatsover did we intend to mock The Fed or their event.

      We posted about it because we support what The Fed does and wanted to help get the word out. And we like parties! And the video's cute! I'm assuming it was the title that made you think we were being derisive here (because I honestly can't see anything else that would indicate that) so just know that that was a failed attempt at humorous irony.

      As a final note, if you don't like the site, come to our meetings, meet our more than 9 (!) staffers, and help improve it. Be the change you wish to see in the world.


    • casual observer  

      i have noticed that you have not only a stick, but also a large quantity of poop held in by the stick, up your butt.

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