Bwoglines: Give and Take

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Give: The Emmys happened last night, with some predictable wins and many upsets. (LATimes)

Take: The siege on a mall in Nairobi is continuing on for the third day, with explosions and gunfire still erupting. (Washington Post)

Give: James Levine is on track for a triumphant return to conducting at the Met.  (NYTimes)

Take: Farewell, Mariano Rivera, relief of our heart, savior of our soul. (NYTimes)

Give: A group of riders ready to mow you down  cyclists gave themselves more room to ride.  (NYMag)

Take: Aaaaand, once again, the government might shut down cuz we all can’t just get along.  (USAToday)

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  1. Anonymous

    "cuz we all can’t just get along"? Nonsense.
    Cuz of Republican obstructionism!

    • Anonymous

      @Anonymous: More like House Republican spite than anything else. Let's vote to "repeal" Obamacare 42 (no joke!) times. Let's blackmail the Senate to defund it or we default on our loans! Or maybe shut down everything! Wonderful. /s

  2. GLADIATOR foreva  

    kerry washington should have won! :(

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