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The winner

Dedicated snackers Elizabeth Self and Lorna Hale bring you the latest installment of 2girls1snack with the classic of classics. It’s not just a snack, it’s a lifestyle.

So, let’s say, in a purely hypothetical scenario, of course, that you just got your first LitHum paper back and need to go drown your sorrows in chocolate. Let’s also say that it’s chilly outside, so ice cream seems inappropriate. What you actually need in this moment is a nice, warm chocolate chip cookie, and in that endeavour we have you covered.

Artopolis Cafe $3

Ick, don’t even. I mean, if you’re absolutely desperate, we’re not judging you, but we’re judging you. This cookie was the most expensive one we tried, and the crummiest – and not in a good way. It was dry, and, as one taster noted, “lacking in the texture one would desire in a cookie one intended to finish,” which we didn’t.

Nussbaum & Wu $2.95

Okay, extending this hypothetical situation to a really preposterous region, let’s say you don’t want a cookie at all, but a huge, low-sodium Ritz cracker with some chocolate chunks on top. In that case, you should head to Nussbaum and enjoy one of their interesting creations. It really does have an decent butter cookie flavor, and some might call it tasty, just not in a typical way. If you’re looking to reminisce about your grandma’s chocolate chip cookies, though, this isn’t the way to go.

Westside Market $1.67

This cookie was tasty and something of a sight for sore eyes, not to mention very easy to pick up with regular groceries. However, friends don’t sell friends stale cookies, so, Westside, sorry, but we’re not friends anymore.

Insomnia Cookies $1.50

Okay, the little hipster inside of me cringes to write this of a chain, but this cookie was the best in a landslide out of all the places we tried in the immediate vicinity of the college. It was exceptionally chocolatey, melty, and soft with a perfect bit of crunch and a promising texture for milk dipping. Not to mention, it was the cheapest one we could find, and, of course, they will deliver a box of cookies to you, in case you’re too busy reading The Odyssey to leave campus.

Happy munching!

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  1. cookie snob  


  2. lol ok then  

    saw the negative review of westside cookies. article irrelevant. long live maria's cookies

  3. Anonymous  

    how about hungarian pastry shop? do they have that?

  4. Blunts in Butler  

    But how come no one makes pizza cookies?

  5. ummm  

    silver. moon. bakery.

  6. Anonymous  

    How bout a salad with no dressing instead?

  7. but wait!

    what about camille's??? baked fresh every day and only $0.50 each! sometimes i get there early in the morning (aka 8:30) and the whole place smells like baking chocolate chip cookies.

  8. Anonymous

    Or steaming up some Brussels sprouts with ginger... now that's delicious

  9. Anonymous  

    Joe's cookies are great, too, and right on campus

  10. best in a landslide

    of cookies?

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