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If only they were googling something so innocent as the earth

If only they were googling something so innocent as the earth

You know what we’re talking about: you’re sitting in lecture, innocently trying to take notes on Thackeray, and the bright screen in front of you attracts your attention. You look up to see what the hell your classmate is googling/watching/buying, and you observe….

  • Farmville. Is it meta to be playing what looks like Farmville in a macroeconomics class?
  • This anti-aging make-up slideshow.
  • A “best ‘merica tees” Google search.
  • Amazon cookware searches.
  • Engaged/married girls Facebook stalking other engaged/married girls.
  • “Best Happy Hour” lists. (It was happy hour.)
  • Fantasy football.
  • Candy Crush all over the place.
  • Columbia Admirers.
  • Happy Gilmore, the movie, with no sound.
  • The J Crew catalog.
  • A girl in a large Econ lecture Skyping with (presumably) a boyfriend, but it wasn’t so much a conversation as him watching her take notes in class.
  • One of my friends has confessed to watching porn during a Frontiers lectures. I don’t doubt her, either.
  • Browsing flavors/toppings of frozen yogurt
  • A kid with a kinda-porno Beyonce background on his laptop who then spent the entire class browsing for kinda-porn pictures of Beyonce, downloading them, and putting them into a folder on his desktop. Then, in the last 5 minutes of class, he read Bwog.
  • Bwog, composing this post.

All observations from real life. 

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  1. Is it safe to presume that...

    the girl Skyping with her boyfriend in class was Asian. I'm Asian by the way.

  2. oh

    Bwog is an Econ major? Interesting...

  3. the things I've seen

    Not in the same category as porn, but on the same bent I've seen girls browsing lingerie in the front row of classes.

  4. Dirk Diggler  

    I'm glad someone appreciates art.

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