Assault On 120th

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The undergraduate community just received an email detailing an assault on 120th Street.  Public Safety is looking for more information.  Read the full alert:

On September 23, 2013 about 3:40 P.M. a Columbia University affiliate was the victim of an assault on W. 120 St. between Claremont Avenue and Broadway. CCTV shows the males come up from behind the victim and punch him about the head and face knocking his glasses off. The males then fled toward Claremont Avenue.

If you have any information concerning this crime contact the undersigned or Detective Coniglio at the 26 Pct. Detective Squad at telephone #212-678-1350.

Cristen Kromm reminds students: As always, please be mindful of your surroundings at all times. Public Safety may be reached at any time by calling 212-854-5555.

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  1. Batman@CU  

    Its time for some vigilante justice!

  2. Anonymous  

    I know them, they live in Claremont 4C and are all econ majors

  3. Anonymous

    The events that precipitated high crime rates among the African American community are clear: The age of European conquest, colonialism, slavery, institutional racism - an especially incideous kind of racism that existed on many fronts and on many levels. As a country with a particularly racist past, we (the majorty) are primarily to blame for many of the ills that plague the African American community.

    Having said that, given overwhelming crime rates and statistics, it is completely logical for one to be suspicious of young black males. It sucks, but it is the world we (the majority) have created.

    • Anonymous  

      I dunno man my aunt's house was foreclosed because of the actions of a white dude I say never relax around crackers.

    • Anonymous  

      Wait, by saying it's the white man's fault aren't you perpetrating 'the white man's burden' paradigm, the main problem in the first place? Nice attempt at being intellectual. Try again.

      • Anonymous

        European powers beung at fault for the deterioration of the African american community, and the justification for this fault - the white man's burden are two seperate things. Being at fault for something does not mean one is justified in doing it. You obviously have no understanding of the white man's burden paradigm. Nice try at reading comprehension though, try again.

      • Uh...

        There was nothing in the original comment that even implied the paradigm of the White Man's burden. I'm going to have to go with the initial poster on this one.

    • Father Zachary Hale Comstock  

      I agree with everything except that first paragraph. It is my belief that the negro, much like the Irishman and the Chinaman, is simply constitutionally inclined to resist our noblest efforts to bring him out of his dark (see what I did there?) night of the soul and into a life of righteous prosperity. If our efforts do hurt the negro, then it is simply in order to be instructive. After all, he who spareth the rod spoileth the child. Important lessons can be learned through pain, but they must also be applied. Until the negro, the Chinaman, the Irishman, et al learn these lessons, they must be consigned to their subservient order. But when they do learn, then they shall take our place in the arms of the Lord.

      • ok Tom Buchanan

        don't even jokingly say these things, it's gross

      • Booker DeWitt  

        This idiot priest needs to learn the difference between baptizing a man and drowning one.

      • Honest Guy

        While obviously untrue and unfair to Chinese and Irish people, the above statement is all too accurate regarding "the community". Whether the problem is genetic or cultural in origin is less important than admitting that their subhuman savagery poses a direct threat to all civilized humans. Certainly it makes clear the overwhelming justifications for something like "stop and frisk". It is long overdue for them to CLEAN UP THEIR ACT AS A RACE!

  4. Not sure

    But is this all the same person?

  5. Anonymous

    More black males committing crimes. Shocking. And people don't want profiling...

  6. Anonymous

    What's shocking to me is the eagerness of 21st-century Columbia students to make openly racist comments. Of course, it's no secret that a disproportionate share of crimes in New York are committed by young black males. But if you conclude that it's logical to be suspicious of all such people, how is this situation ever going to change? Have the courage to treat every individual with respect!

  7. Anonymous  

    Human beings are not machines; your behavior toward them influences their feelings and motives. A young black male is not a Toyota.

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