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Give a shit about art? Here are some things to do.


  • Auditions for LateNite are tonight and tomorrow!  Go on over to Hamilton 408, grab one of the crazy sides provided, and perform for this Anthology’s directors.  Auditions are from 8-11 pm both nights.
  • This week, Miller Theatre is celebrating the 60th birthday of composer John Zorn.  Tonight’s performance is Orchestra, tomorrow’s Chamber Music, and Friday’s is entitled “Game Pieces,” all at 8 pm. There is also a bonus event on Monday at 7 pm with Zorn himself on organ.  Tickets for each night are only $7 for students, so this is truly an incredible opportunity!
  • Afropolitan: Roots Revealed is a cultural and fashion show hosted by the African Students’ Association that celebrates the diversity of African countries.  Music and dance will be performed by Onyx, CU Gospel, CU Bellydance and more.  The event is on Friday at 8:45 pm in Roone, and tickets range from $8-10.

Around Town:

  • The popular Morningsiders are back in action with a concert at Sullivan Hall this Friday evening at 8:30 pm.  Tickets are $10 for 21+ and $15 for 18+–you can buy tickets in advance here, or just grab ’em at the door where they’re the same price.
  • The Eugene Mirman Comedy Festival is happening this Thursday through Sunday, every day at 5 pm.  Tonight’s kickoff event is entitled “The Urbane Comedy Hour: Nonstop Courtesy and Culture through the Prism of Comedy,” which should give an indication as to their bizarre sense of humor.  The Village Voice highly recommends the event, and since tickets run from $7-25, why not?
  • This is the last weekend to see Anna Nicole, the new opera composed by Marc-Anthony Turnage, with libretto by Richard Thomas.  Tickets run the gamut, so call and inquire if you can catch this “production that should not be missed” (NYTimes) before it’s too late.


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    uh yeah but what about Frederick Wiseman, he's like a big deal ya know

  2. Curious  

    So I really wanna find out...

    What's LateNight? and how do auditions work?

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