Bwoglines: News That’s Not Really News Edition

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That looks like some sad architecture right there

That looks like some sad architecture right there

A rumination on the nature of Williamsburg. Because that’s a new and innovative source of news (NYT).

And they just keep doing it: the New York Times has found the saddest place in Manhattan! Using Twitter! You groundbreakers, you (NYT).

An old white male professor is a sexist old white male professor. Shocker (The Atlantic).

And just for fun, NYMag’s list of 100 pop culture items that make you a millennial. Good to know that’s now defined and sorted out totally non-arbitrarily (NYMag).

Sad architecture via Wikimedia

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  1. Anonymous

    oh well, sad perhaps, but still the only place where I felt like I belonged

  2. Anonymous  

    Hunter rocks, and anyone who's been there knows that it's far from the saddest place in the city

  3. Anonymous  

    I have to say my education at Hunter was more comprehensive than the one I have at SEAS here... Those were world class teachers, not profs just looking to do research and leading me to skip class and study out of a textbook myself...

  4. Anonymous  

    how does that look like sad architecture it is regal as fuq

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