Bwoglines: Endings Edition

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Not exactly Traviata material right here

Not exactly Traviata material right here

So much for a Saturday off: the House Republicans will meet in a rare Saturday session to try to keep the government open past Monday (NYT).

How early is too early to leave New York? (Answer: never leave.) And then, how early is too early to write about it? (Gothamist)

The drama behind the end of the New York City Opera — the lesson here appears to be to never make an opera about Anna Nicole Smith (WSJ).

The end is almost here; prepare by taking the Breaking Bad ultimate super-fan quiz. Great procrastination material (NYMag).

Lady Smith via Wikimedia

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  1. BSGS  

    Actually, Mark-Anthony Turnage's piece of shit opera has little to do with NYCOpera... besides the fact that they chose to do it. So even more shame on them.

    • Actually,  

      Anna Nicole has a lot to do with NYC Opera. What they needed to stay afloat was big donations from mass funders, who tend to be very discerning in what they support. Repertoire at theaters influences a huge amount of how much private funding they receive. A Traviata, for instance, would typically receive more than a Two Boys because these funders tend to be older and more classically-minded, in addition to not wanting to be associated with something controversial. If you read to the end of the WSJ article, you see that NYCO had trouble getting the $1.3 mill--a very, very meager amount in terms of NYC arts donations--for Anna Nicole, indicating just how averse to giving the patrons were. Yes, there were tons of other problems affecting NYCO, but choosing to do Anna Nicole (understandable on one hand--risk a new, campy-themed opera to get a younger crowd and more buzz) was not their best decision. It sucks, but ultimately you have to appease the old rich guys, who wouldn't want to be associated with Anna Nicole.

      that said i'm seeing it tonight so byeeeee

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